Five  most popular cabinet door styles for kitchen Interiors:

May 27, 2022

hey there, I'm Valerie!

Despite my ability to design your space so that it is as beautiful as possible, it is ultimately the space itself that speaks of your story, clearly shows your vision, and conveys your personality.

Cabinets play a crucial role in elevating overall kitchen design, designing a brand new one, or renovating. The interior style of any kitchen, from a vintage to a contemporary ambiance, would certainly direct your choice of cabinet design. Cabinets produce storage space for all kitchen utensils, accessories, and sundry items. They are often installed from floor to ceiling and help keep things neat and organized. They impart functionality and stand out visually appealing with stylish and great-looking doors. The cabinet design you select reveals much about the design of your kitchen and complements your kitchen style and accessories. Since today’s kitchen layout ideally connects with living or dining spaces, suitable cabinet door styles elevate your kitchen interiors from subtle to splendid. Let’s take a look at different types of cabinet doors.

1) Shaker door style:

Due to their diversified characteristics, sizes, and designs can competently fit into any cabinet design and complement any kitchen interiors. Shaker’s simple, elegant, classic, and minimalist design supports modern or contemporary design. Because of its excellent design pattern, it goes well with many d├ęcor types. Shaker cabinets will always be on-trend to support traditional techniques. They can work with many paint colors, stains, hardware, beveled edge designs, high-quality American woods, cherry, maple, etc. It has also inspired Scandinavian and mid-century modern design styles with several trademark characteristics that work well with this type of cabinetry.


2) Inset door style:

The inset cabinet door style is different from other standard cabinet doors for its distinctive cabinet construction; with most cabinets, inset doors are intricately constructed inside the face frame. The fabrication of the doors is precisely considering the ability of wood expansion with temperature changes to ensure wood sits inside the face frame with minimal gap between the cabinet doors and frames. The doors and hinges are inside the cabinet frame; it can free up a little space making it ideal for compact kitchens.

The design options are: Beaded inset cabinet doors are detailed adornment elements and wooden designs that support traditional interiors. Non-beaded inset cabinet doors have a seamless appearance on the flat surface. They are known for their simplicity, clean lines, and functionality for contemporary homes.  

This style is more expensive because of the customized cabinetry, joinery construction, bespoke fitting, high skilled craftsmanship, hardware construction, and hinge fittings. But the classic look and timeless design pattern make it look long-lasting and functionally persistent without being replaced so often compared to other standard cabinets.  

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3) Louvered door style:

Horizontal wood slats featuring spaces between each slat like those generally appear on window shutters are great for rooms that need ventilation to keep the dishes cool. Louvered cabinets offer functionality and aesthetics and are customized with suitable size and color, adding unique style and visual interest to your kitchen cabinetry.

Experts say louvered cabinet doors are ideal for traditional and contemporary space designs embodied with sleek, modern elements and adorned designs. Supreme quality louvered cabinets are constructed using CNC tooling and are skillfully installed to the frame, making the cabinet appear befitting and clatter-free.    

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4) Glass style:

Glass cabinets add visual interest to a kitchen design. Elegant, bright, and embellished appearances unveiled by various glass cabinets make it stand out high compared to other common cabinet door styles. There is plenty of glass cabinet door styling with varied transparent, colored, and opaque surfaces. If you are concerned about adding visual clutters when the objects are not stacked inside the cabinets properly, consider opting for frosted glass, stained, embossed, and colored glass; otherwise, develop a motive to keep things neat and organized.

For compact kitchen spaces, glass cabinet door styles add visual depth and make a room look more spacious than it is. These glass cabinets allow us to find things more accessible with their transparency feature. To add a bit of styling effort, begin with diamond panels and decorative options, go to the stained or colored glass, and provide special lighting effects with spotlighting.

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5)Slab or flat-panel cabinet door:

Slab or Flat panel cabinet doors are stylish and straightforward without frills, frames, and ornamentation. The sleek and minimalistic appearance of slab cabinets makes them suitable for contemporary, modern, and minimalist interiors. Effort in making this cabinet looks aesthetically appealing lies in choosing a convenient option that works well with your kitchen interior style.

These cabinets are produced with or without handles (professional handles) to meet interior style and functionality. They are cost-effective as they don’t have any detailed framework and are easy to maintain. Slab cabinets come in many finishes: matte, semi-gloss, high gloss, and brightly-hued natural wooden veneers. Various construction options include varied colors, textures, hardware, and realistic imitation of wooden finishes with decorative laminates.  


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hey there, I'm Valerie!

Despite my ability to design your space so that it is as beautiful as possible, it is ultimately the space itself that speaks of your story, clearly shows your vision, and conveys your personality.