When it comes to home design, the key is to incorporate your style into the design. It is what makes a room feel like your own.

Hello, I'm Valerie

I am a married empty nester who loves snow and football. My favorite teams are the Steelers, Eagles, and Seahawks. I have also taken up baking, much to my husband's delight.
My Story:
Becoming an interior designer took 20 years to reach where I am today. I remember how I always gravitated toward home design, even as a child. I remember the beauty of the neighborhood that my school bus drove past, and I would envision one-day designing beautiful homes.
Once I became married, my passion for interior design became a deep desire that I could no longer ignore. Relying on my faith and trust in my abilities, I left my job and enrolled in an interior design program.

— Billy Baldwin

"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style."

My Motto:
Despite my ability to design your space so that it is as beautiful as possible, it is ultimately the space itself that speaks of your story, clearly shows your vision, and conveys your personality.
The best-executed interior design is between the conditioned eye of the professional designer and the inspired vision of the owner. I love walking into a space and visualizing the design my client dreams of and the journey we can take together to bring their vision to life

 It is all about creating a home out of an empty room- a place that feels comfortable and familiar enough to relax in and be surrounded by every day. That is why coming into any project; my goal is not to turn your setting into a showplace but to incorporate your most treasured pieces into the thread of the design's foundation so that your interior makes you happy.

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What is my favorite dessert?



Carrot Cake

How do I like to spend a rainy Friday night?

Having dinner with family and friends

Reading a great novel


How I like to spend a Friday night...

Spending time with loved ones

My favorite vacation location...

Venice, Italy



My favorite vacation location...

Venice. I love being surrounded by water.

My favorite clothing store...




My favorite clothing store...

Talbot - I love the quality and selections.

My all-time favorite night time television show...



The Oval

My all-time favorite night time television show...

Scandal - Olivia and Fritz had an extraordinary chemistry of love.