“ No need for us to decorate until the kids were off to college” were the clients words on the first visit. Seeing the potential in creating a sophisticated living room for relaxing, and entertaining, in addition to a statement dining area that reflected the client’s personality. Beginning a careful process of transformation, the beautiful hardwood floors, french door blinds and natural beige walls were retained; reducing the space to its most essential components.


Warming the living room with color, a refined palette of olive green, cream and brown; surprising the client with a combination that they would truly love. Through complimentary olive green and cream window treatments, the room is redefined through a feel of stylish understatement.


With a distinctive approach to furnishings, the space is completed with a cream colored curve sofa and accent chairs, which provide uplifting moments of color. Accenting the traditional hardwood floors, the addition of green area rugs creates a feeling of warmth and familiarity within the bright, spacious interior. Aligning the richness of the brown furnishings with the warm color scheme; the dining room was transformed into an elegant space for entertaining friends and family.