Those soaring ceilings are dramatic and creates that airy feeling in your room. In fact, a room with soaring ceilings leaves you spell bound, but the big problem sets in when trying to come up with a way of decorating the tall walls. Most people are left scratching their heads when it comes to decorating their walls, yet you don’t have to compromise coziness because you have tall walls. There is the way out; timeless ideas can bring back that interest in tall walls as well warmth.  With tall walls the most essential element is decorating to the scale of the walls.  Large items work best because they will fit to the size of the space, while smaller items will get lost in the space.

Hang Wall Gallery and Large-Scale Art Work

Large-scale artwork is a perfect complement to tall walls. Tall walls can be demanding; small scale artworks vanish in the large space no matter how beautiful they are. One of the secrets to decorating your tall walls is to hang bold and significant artworks that cover the tall wall to a reasonable extent. If you wish to make it livelier, you can mix sizes and imagery but do not overdo this, the wall will become overbearing and awkward.

The interest of this tall wall lies in the interest not only of the large artwork but the large niches that compliments the bottom half of the wall.


Hire an artist to create a unique wall painting.



Spice Up with Trim

Your tall walls will be a stunning sight when you trim it. You can trim or partition your wall into large horizontal pieces; these are capable enough to balance the emptiness of your tall walls. Also, if you are the art type, you can make the walls more personal by using the wood trim. The wood trim lets you decorate your tall wall with pieces of wood that are engaging; this automatically transforms your bland wall to an art piece itself.


Create Shelves and Bookcase

This décor offers, even more, advantage rather than just cover up your tall walls. Grace your tall walls with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or shelving. You may wonder how to get hold of books in such a high bookcase; your library ladder is always there to help. Also, you can beautifully display pottery and other treasured collections in these designs.

Wall Gallery with Clocks and Mirrors

Large clocks and mirrors creates a stunning and dramatic focal point on your tall walls. These can be displayed together or separately and perfectly and will enhance the scale of your walls.

This entryway is the perfect place to hang this large clock. It gives a dramatic focal point to the entry.


The large black clock with the gold hands is the true focal point of this room.  The clock is the invitation to relax in this beautifully decorated room.

The visual impact of this stunning wall of mirrors and molding

is the perfect décor choice for the scale of this wall.