When you find yourself in a home with a small living room, you shouldn't see that as a problem; rather it should be an avenue to show off your décor abilities. Small living rooms are more welcoming and create intimacy rather than larger living. Arranging furniture in a small living room can be challenging, but with the right manipulation and implementation of décor, it can be striking.

Key points to keep in mind:

1) Your living room should fell welcoming where your guest wants to stay and have a cup of coffee
2) The furniture should be arranged where the conversation is engaging and inviting for everyone to join in.
3) Make sure there is at least 3 foot of walking space around your room. This will give you ample space for your guest to feel comfortable without bumping into furnishing.
4) If there is room pull your sofa out from the wall and let your seating maintain a generous space away from the wall, this adds volume to your room and even makes your arrangement cozier and inviting.
5) The focal point in a small living room is essential to arranging your furniture that will be not only conversational but comfortable and informal. The focal point can be a beautiful palladium window, fireplace or a custom bookcase.

The layout of the furniture in this small living room is arranged perfect around the angle of the walls. The room feels inviting, conversational and comfortable. There is enough distance between each piece so that the room doesn’t feel cramped or crowded. The color combination is striking.

Source: Homedit


Source: BGH

“Welcome Home” is the feeling you get from this small living room. The warm and casual feel of this room is enhanced by the natural light from the window and the wall color of mustard yellow. The club chair is placed on an angle to invite conversation or to enjoy watching TV. Spacing in this room is ample enough to get around the furnishing.