Enhance Your Space, Enrich Your Life

A great eye for color, a passion for her work, and valuing her customers above all, Valerie creates a unique style and look that marks all of her interior designs.

Her interest in interior designs began when she was quite young. The desire and passion for wanting to become a designer at an early age was the relaxing feeling at her family’s home. The warmth from the colors, textures of the fabrics, and comfortable furnishings was welcoming, a relaxing feeling for Valerie, her family and the guests who were also drawn in to the comfortable surroundings. Valerie knew that she wanted to design spaces that are functional, inviting and attractive.

When she grew up Valerie’s career took a different path, after graduating from college she spent 20 years working in corporate America. Her desire grew to design beautiful spaces and she returned to school and received an Interior Design degree and founded VBH Interior Designs, LLC in 2005. Valerie is now living her dream and she wants to help you make your living spaces a dream to come home to.

Design Philosophy

Valerie’s entire design philosophy is based on making your living space compliment the way you live. It’s the input of her clients that gives Valarie inspiration to create warm, wonderful living areas that convey the style, presence and best attributes of those who live there. Your needs, lifestyle and taste are the building blocks of Valerie’s design process. She adds layers of texture and refined luxury, creating functional and exquisite spaces that reflect you, at your very best.

Her ability to bring together all the ideas her customers have and shape them into practical, comfortable living spaces is a gift to all those that have worked with her. Valerie’s passion about her work and the complete effort she puts in every design project starting with color coordination to a complete makeover of a living space can be felt by all those around her.

Building lasting and trusting relationships with her clients, which is what makes the best of interior designs possible.

About VBH Interior Designs

A full service interior design company located in Mitchellville, Maryland, VBH Interior emphasizes a variety of interior design needs including Textiles, 3-D Renderings, Floor plans, Color Analysis, Staging, Custom Window Treatments with Motorizations, Custom Furnishings and Accessories, Unique Wallcoverings, Custom Bathrooms and Kitchens and Design to Sell Makeovers. This is but a small list of what VBH Interior Designs can do for your living areas.

A member of WCAA and IFDA, Valerie keeps up to date on new innovative products, by attending seminars and trade shows in the US and overseas or visiting a skilled craftsman to work with. Even art galleries are a source of inspiration to find that special print to enhance your space.

“Enhance Your Space, Enrich Your Life” is what VBH is all about. Valerie design spaces that are comfortable, relaxing, welcoming that inspires you to want to be home.